piccylicious photography (& me)

A Fresh Approach

Capturing The Colours

I specialise in capturing weddings with a relaxed and natural approach. I firmly believe in treating my clients the way I’d want to be treated, so you’ll never find me subjecting you to the typical photography rigmarole. No forced smiles or awkward poses here – It makes me cringe just thinking about it!

Instead, I aim to blend seamlessly into your day, allowing you to focus on each other and the joyous moments unfolding around you. Whether it’s sharing anecdotes about how you first met, or simply sharing a laugh over a dirty joke, I want to create an environment where you feel comfortable being yourselves.

I believe that the most authentic and memorable photos arise when you’re not aware of the camera, so I prefer to take a hands-off approach, capturing genuine moments as they naturally occur. After all, the best photos are often the ones you didn’t even realise were being taken.

Each wedding day is unique so I love to go with the flow of the day to tell your story with stunning images. Whether that involves capturing the colours, the location, the excitement, the small details, the people or something completely different, it all makes up the story of your day, I want you to look back in years to come at your photos with a massive smile!

I steer clear of the endless parade of group shots and cringe-worthy, overly cheesy poses (unless, of course, you happen to be under the age of 10 – then it’s practically mandatory to embrace your inner cheesy monster!). And rest assured, I won’t whisk you away from your nearest and dearest for hours on end.

So if that sounds how your nut imagined your photographer to be, then I’m the one for you! Whether you’re after chic portraits, hilarious candid snapshots, or those epic “rocking out” poses on the dance floor with your crew, I’ve got you covered. 

What To Expect…

Imagine your wedding day as a wild rollercoaster ride, and guess who’s strapped in with a camera? That’s right, me – with a knack for capturing the craziest moments!

From the crack of dawn when the chaos kicks in and the coffee’s flowing like there’s no tomorrow, I’ll be there, camera at the ready, to snap all the pre-wedding shenanigans.

When your old man bursts through the door, eyes misty at the sight of you in your glam getup, I’ll be there to catch that priceless reaction. It’s a tear-jerker moment, guaranteed!

During the ceremony, as you and your partner lock eyes, blocking out the world’s noise, I’ll be stealthily clicking away like a wedding ninja. It’s all about capturing those offbeat, quirky glances!

And when the dance floor becomes a frenzy of funky moves and wild beats, you better believe I’ll be right there in the mix, snapping pics and maybe even busting a few moves myself. After all, who says photographers can’t boogie?

So, get ready to unleash your inner party animal, ’cause this wedding day is gonna be a blast, and I’ll be there to capture every amazing moment! 📸🎉