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Little Q&A Hangout

Questions You Just Have To Know The Answer To

Frequently Asked Questions

Fear not my intrepid victims, me too! That’s why I’m the right side of the camera and I definitely won’t put you through the ringer. I don’t shoot for my portfolio, I shoot your day for the two of you. I’m a photo ninja, I hide in the shadows with my very long lens and I’m only seen when there is a sunset to die for or uncle Bob’s embarrassing himself again! It’s my job to have a laugh with you both, get you to do a few silly things and just have a bloody good hoot on your wedding day. The camera bit will seem like a piece of cake then, trust me, I’m an expert. You can always book one of my ‘Engagement Shoots’ to ease you both into the limelight.

Oh, go on them! I might even shout you both a beverage at a nearby caffeine dispensing shop. Or if it’s easier we can always Zoom the night away with a short chat over the interweb. It’s important for you guys to meet or chat with me, I want to get to know you both and as we will be spending the whole day together you better make sure I’m the one to keep you calm or give you a breather when you both need it. Oh! and take cool photos, obviously!

Well!…. mmmmm…. NO! and I’ll tell you why. I limit myself to 40 weddings a year, I lovingly craft the story of your day in my signature style. That said style has taken me years to hone through blood, sweat and my own tears! Every individual shot of the day I present to you has gone through hours of my editing process. You wouldn’t work 40 hours then your boss turns round and says he’ll only pay you for 30! That would be undervaluing you. I want you to choose me because you love me and the pics I take!

I will throw a dozen or so up on my social media page a couple of days after your wedding. You know, just to whet your appetite and give you something to shout about cos you just got married! The whole collection is normally sent to you by carrier pigeon about 4-6 weeks after your wedding….. maybe sooner or longer depending on the time of year and how run off my little legs I am. Depending on the size of your bash you can expect between 250 – 700 high-res images, that’s a lot of images for a little pigeon to carry. When I say pigeon, I really mean digital download delivery through my online gallery, a portal from me to you, if you will!

Short answer… Yes! My caveat to this short and concise answer is that I’ll be strict and limit you to no more than 6. But why I hear you cry, because group shots will sap the life from you, it’s true I have literally seen it happen with my own eyes! and it wasn’t pretty. Imagine your Superman (Girl) and you have your hand stuck on that Kryptonite stuff….That’s what it’s like! Keep it to close family, bridesmaids and groomsmen. That gives Grandma Dot something to put on her mantle piece and trust me when I say this, always keep the oldies happy at a wedding or get them blind drunk, either works…. The latter does make for some excellent photographic content. But if there is a guest you want a photo with, just grab me and we will do an informal shot there and then….Simple and stress-free!

Easy, relaxed fun photography! Or if I’m being ever so slightly poncey I’d say, creative documentary style. Basically, it means I produce my best work when you guys are relaxed and not worrying about photos, sounds silly doesn’t it, we are paying for these photos why shouldn’t we be worried? Because the best shots, the ones you will love, are those taken when you don’t have a scooby I’m taking them or when you are just chatting to each other. I love watching your guests and getting those fun candid moments that make up the silliness and excitement of the day, Ninja Style!

If I can’t fight my way out of the Dinos belly with my Samurai Camera Strap then I am really lucky to have a network of really cool TOG’s to call on if the need ever arises. I haven’t missed a wedding yet and I would literally have to be eaten by a T-Rex to not be there.

Nope! Never do! I will stick around normally for another hour, getting those slightly drunk shots of your guests letting their hair down, busting a move they’ve been practicing and when they think no one is watching in all the commotion, well I will be, with my camera, right next to them! Boom! I’m not a photographer that works by a set amount of hours, you can’t treat a wedding like that. I want to get the shots to tell your story and if that means an extra hour then that’s what I’ll do.

Yep! Fully! I’ve got public liability and indemnity insurance so if your venue needs a copy then please let me know and I’ll jump on the interweb and zap a copy over to them.

Hell Yeah! I’d be a donut to not make sure the most important day of your lives isn’t safe in my hands. I have spare everything with me on the day, you just don’t know when a piece of equipment will go south on you and I most definitely will be a prepared little cub scout if that happens.